AJANTA                                        Photographs by Benoy K Behl

Panoramic view of Ajanta Caves

Queen Sivali, Mahajanaka Jataka, Cave1

Facade of Cave26

Rows of Buddha figures, Cave2

Palace Maids, Mahajanaka Jataka, Cave1

Dancing Girl, Mahajanaka Jataka, Cave1

Flautists, Mahajanaka Jataka, Cave1

Abhishek, Mahajanaka Jataka, Cave1

Detail of Abhishek, Mahajanaka Jataka, Cave1

King Mahajanaka, Mahajanaka Jataka, Cave1

Chaitya, Cave10

King Nanda begging for Alms, Cave1

Queen Janpada Kalyani, Cave1

Queen Janpadkalyani, Cave1

Facade, Cave1

Mahaparinirvana, Sculpture, Cave26

Sculpture of Naga king and queen, Cave19

Interior of Cave17

Princess Madri, Visvantara Jataka, Cave17

Prince Visvantara,Visvantara Jataka, Cave17

Lord Indra, Visvantara Jataka, Cave17

Detail, Palace scene, Mahajanaka Jataka, Cave1

Detail, Story of Nalagiri elephant, Cave17

Palace Maids, Mahajanaka Jataka, Cave1

Elephant Motif, Ceiling, Cave1

King Mahajanaka and his mother, Mahajanaka Jataka, Cave1

Glance of Compassion, Visvantara Jataka, Cave17

Prince, Mahajanaka Jataka, Cave1

Bodhisattva Padmapani, Full view, Cave1

Bodhisattva Padmapani, Cave1

Gana, Ceiling, Cave2

Simhala Jataka, Cave17

Ceiling Painting, Cave2

Bodhisattva Vajrapani, Cave1

Consort of Vajrapani, Cave1

Maha Ummaga jataka, Detail, Cave1

A Bacchanalian scene, Ceiling, Cave1

Ceiling painting, Cave1

Buffaloes, Ceiling, Cave1

Painting on Pillar, Cave17

Painting on pillar, Cave17

Prince Visvantara and Princess Madri, Cave17

Flying Apasara, Cave17

Floral motifs, Ceiling, Cave2

Detail, Rows of Buddha figures, Cave2

Ceiling, Cave2

Bull, Ceiling, Cave1

Detail, Vidhurapandita Jataka, Cave2

Temptation of Mara, Sculpture, Cave26

Vidhurapandita, Vidhurapandita Jataka, Cave2

Detail, Temptation of Mara, Cave26

Detail, Mahakapi Jataka, Cave17

Painting on pillar, Cave10

Dancer, Cave16

Facade of Cave19

Sculpture on Facade, Cave19

Couple in harmony, Cave1

Visvantara Jataka, Full scene, Cave17

Maithuna Couples, Cave17

Painting on doorway of Cave 17

Bodhisattva Vajrapani, Cave 1

Prince bringing offerings to Vajrapani, Cave1

Ananda grieves at Parinirvana, Cave 26


King Mahajanaka hears sermon, Mahajanaka Jataka, Cave1

Detail,Simhala Avadana, Cave17